Hydraulic Drilling Machines - For steel or harder materials.
  Timer based Wood Pecking Drilling Cycle for deep hole drilling application.
  Machines can also be used for Standard Drilling, Champhering, Reaming, Hole milling, etc operations.
  Machines available in horizontal as well as vertical axis.
  Rigid Construction, Fabricated base Stress relieved and duly scrapped to achieve desired accuracies as per IS standards.
  Spindle is firmly arrested in two combination, P4 Class, preloaded bearings to take max axial thrust & radial loads.
  Drilling cycle (Rapid forward - feed-peck drilling cycle - rapid return).
  Machines are operated with Programable logic controller (PLC) for maximum operator convenience
  Spindle drive through timer belts and inter changeable pulley sets.
  Hydraulic spindle feed, infinitely variable within the range.
  Inbuilt clamp / decamp cycle for tooling automation.
  Machines can be equipped with variable frequency.
  Machines can be equipped with Multi-Spindle Heads for mass production, Rotary Indexing Tables, & Co-ordinate XY slides for better productivity.
Model H35-WPC H25-WPC H16-WPC H10-WPC
Max. Drilling Capacity (5456) Ø 35mm Ø 25mm Ø 16mm Ø 10mm
Spindle Taper MT4/NT40 MT3 MT2 JT6
Spindle Travel 150mm 150mm 150mm 100mm
Spindle Speed (RPM) 100-300 (Optional) 100-700 (Optional) 920.1300.1670 920.1670.2500
(Number of Speed) 1 1) 3 3
Throat (Column to Spindle Centre) 260mm 230mm 230mm 180mm
Table Size 700*450mm 600*400mm 500*400mm 400*300mm
Column Diameter Ø 115mm Ø 102mm Ø 102mm Ø 80mm
Motor HP 3HP 2HP 2HP 1HP
Distance from Spindle to table 100-400mm 100-400mm 100-600mm 100-600mm
Hydraulic Power Kg/sq.cm 25 kg/sq.cm 25 kg/sq.cm 20 kg/sq.cm 12 kg/sq.cm
Over All Height 2100mm 2100mm 1800mm 1600mm
Weight (Approx) 700kg 600kg 380kg 260kg
  Hydraulic Systems duly interfaced with the mother machine.
  Comprehensive electrical control panels/operating pendant with all safety elements and PLC for automation duly wired with the machine.
  Reputed make main motor, Heavy duty, F Class Insulation, duly assembled on the machine with all drive arrangement.
  Operation and maintenance manual.
  Flexible lighting arrangement.
  Inbuilt job counter & tool change counters.
  Tool holders suitable for application.
  Coolant system-complete with necessary splash guards etc.
  Variable frequency Drive for main spindle to achieve infinite speed variation within the range.
  Component orientation & clamping fixture as per application.
  Machine full cladding.
  Centralized lubrication system, if required.