Manually operated Machines.
  Highly Versatile & Reliable Machines for production.
  Easy to operate and maintenance free.
  Featured with high accuracy, high rigidity, low noise & wide range of speed change.
  Rigid stream lined construction with reliable & lasting accuracy.
  Machines plug to start type.
  Combines Tapping & Drilling functions on one unit, Hence suitable for batch type production.
  The micro switch controls the depth of tapping and reverses the motor direction, providing maximum operational convenience.
  Single point graduated collar depth control system is provided for max operator convenience.
  Ex-stock availability & competitive pricing.
  Spares available on demand.
  Machines also available in Fabricated stand models.
Model DT25 DT20 DT16 DT13
Maximum Drilling Capacity(S45C) Ø 25mm Ø 20mm Ø 16mm Ø 13mm
Maximum Tapping Capacity(S45C) M20 M16 M12 M10
Spindle Taper MT3 MT3 MT2 MT2
Spindle Travel 140mm 120mm 100mm 80mm
Number of Speeds 9 9 9 4
Spindle Speed 150-1270rpm 220-1670rpm 170-1900rpm 360-1560rpm
Throat (Coloum to Spindle Centre) 230mm 230mm 180mm 180mm
Column Diameter Ø 102mm Ø 92mm Ø 80mm Ø 80mm
Table Diameter 420mm 400mm 360mm 360mm
Base Size 380 * 600mm 335 * 580 300 * 500mm 300 * 500
Distance From Spindle To Table 630mm 720mm 450mm 450mm
Distance From Spindle To Base 930mm 920mm 620mm 620mm
Motor HP 2HP 1.5HP 1HP 0.5HP
Overall Height 1540mm 1500mm 1070mm 1070mm
Weight (net) 190kg 140kg 90kg 75kg
  Comprehensive electrical control panel with all necessary safety elements & selector switch for drilling & tapping operations.
  V belts.
  Instruction manual.
  Intermediate table with rack & pinion arrangement for lifting & lowering of work table.
  Induction motor, 3 phase, 50 Hz, 6 pole, continues duty of reputed make.
  Tool Holders.
  Coolant system consisting of:- Reservoir tank with chip collection tray, separation baffles, electric coolant motor, flexible piping & fittings, on/off valves, splash guards or chip collection tray etc.
  Flexible Lighting Arrangement.
  Square Work Table.