The turret drilling machine is a simple machine like any other drill press. One set up can do up to 6 operations on one/single axis as Centering, Drilling, Holemilling, Reaming, Chamfering, Tapping, etc.
  Saves time of moving components through different set ups for various operations. With a turret drilling machine you bring 6 spindles to work piece rather than moving the work piece to 6 spindles.
  Turret head indexes automatically by geneva Index mechanism. Turret drilling machine indexes to the centerline of the hole and hence delivers accurate, concentric, uniform machined components without using drill bushes and expensive fixtures. Turret is a better option for Gang drilling machine.
  High production rate with components having multiple operations at one/single axis. The Turret drilling with its 6 spindles costs less per spindle than 6 individual drilling machines and 6 operators working independently.
  Turret especially suits small and medium batches of components. It is ideal for taking inappropriate work off expensive Machining Centers.
Model MTD12 MTD16
Operating Type Manual Manual
Drilling Capacity in (MS / CI) Ø 12mm / 14mm Ø 16mm / 20mm
Tapping Capacity in (MS / CI) M10 / M12 M16 / M18
Spindle Travel 150 150
Number of Tools 6 6
Max. Tool Length 250 250
Max. Tool Weight 2kg per spindle, 9kg/Total
Tool Selection Sequential, Clock wise
Spindle Speed Range 300~3240
Spindle Taper ER20 ER32
Throat (Column to Spindle Centre) 200mm 300mm
Spindle end to Table Max 645mm 645mm
Spindle end to Table Min 275mm 275mm
Machine Head Travel (Manual) 370mm 370mm
Table Size 600 X 400mm 700 X 500mm
Spindle Motor 2HP / 1HP (2 speed) 2HP / 1HP (2 speed)
Machine Height 1160mm 2000mm
Net Weight Kg 400kg 500kg