Geared tapping machines, can produce components up-to 15 pcs per minute.
  Tapping cycle (Tap forward - dwell - Tap reverse to home)
  Spindle drive through stepped pulley.
  Specially designed motors with F class insulation & forced cooling are only used.
  Automatic tapping is driven by gear pair which provides standard pitch, accurate threads and consistent quality level for tappings.
  Easy replacement of gear pair for different pitches, fitted externally.
  Inbuilt Safety clutch mechanism to prevent breakage in case of spindle overload.
  Machines also available in fabricated stand model.
  Machines can be equiped with multi spindle heads for mass production.
Model GT16 GT10
Max. Tapping Capacity M16 M10
Spindle Taper MT3 MT2
Spindle Travel 120mm 80mm
Spindle Speed 255-2060 rpm 470-1730 rpm
Column Diameter Ø 102mm Ø 80mm
Table Diameter 420mm 320mm
Base Size 410 * 600mm 300 * 500mm
Max Distance From Spindle To Table 630mm 400mm
Distance From Spindle To Base 930mm 620mm
Motor HP 2HP 1HP
Overall Height 1500mm 1050mm
Weight 220kg 100kg
  Operation and maintenance manual.
  V belts.
  Intermediate table with rack & pinion arrangement for lifting & lowering of work table.
  Reputed make specially designed main motor, with F-Class of insulation, duly assembled with all drive elements.
  Comprehensive electrical control panel/operting pendant with all safety elements duly wired to the basic machine.
  Tool holders suitable for application.
  Coolant system consisting of: - reservoir tank with chip collection tray separation baffles, electric coolant motor, on / off switches, flexible piping & fitting, on / off valves etc. Splash guards or chip collection tray.
  Square work table.
  Jigs & Fixtures.
  Flexible lightly Arrangement.